About Me


A Little Bit About Me

Well, hey there! I’m so glad that you stopped by The Barefoot Blog.

My name is Kaitlin. I love writing, singing and music, digging into God’s word, all things crafty, and of course–a good chat over a cup of creamer…I mean ‘coffee’.

I’ve been married to my awesome husband for four years and we are enjoying life with each other and our kids. (And by kids I mean dogs 🙂 ) We are both passionate about investing in the next generation and equipping them to be life-long disciples who love Jesus and people. It’s kind of the best! We love our local church and love serving within it.


Why The Barefoot Blog?

The Barefoot Blog emerged out of my love for not wearing any shoes. For many years, I had an obsession with taking off my shoes and wandering around–ugly toenails and black feet exposed to God and everybody.  When I look back on those years, I cringe as I remember the total bondage I was in to so many things. My heart & soul wanted to be free so badly, but they just didn’t know how. Being barefoot helped me feel free and unrestrained on the outside because I wasn’t free on the inside yet. Over the years, the Lord has set me free in so many ways and is still setting me free from the inside out. That weird habit of being barefoot birthed a desire in me to write about those “subtle” things that entangle us in hopes that others might seek to live a life of total freedom as well — inside and out.  


A Call To Be Free

The truth is, it’s such a struggle to stay free in a world that incessantly tries to entangle us.  We have to be vigilant about pesky things like people pleasing, fear, comparison and insecurity that  subtly bankrupt us of our freedom to live fully and wholly.

My heart beats to see women walking in freedom: to see free souls, free minds, and free people operating in their God-given identities–all for God’s glory.

The Barefoot Blog  is all about getting free, living free and staying free.

So kick off your shoes, unwind, and let’s get free together.



Photo Cred: Ashlee Kay Photography