Prone to Wander Phone Cases and a GIVEAWAY!


When it comes to spiritual disciplines, one of the hardest ones for me is meditation. I’ve always been a little confused about what meditation actually entails.

Do I have to be completely silent for 30 minutes? Cross my legs and close my eyes? Hum to a certain pattern?

I’m finding that meditation is merely thinking on and incorporating a truth into the moments of your day. It’s taking time to hash out something that you are learning, putting it into practice, and even mulling it over with friends.

One way that helps me meditate on a truth is having a tangible reminder, such as a desktop wallpaper on my computer, a sign in my office, sticky notes by my bed, exc. But I’m really excited because I’ve found a new way to have a “tangible reminder” with me all day every day.

That’s right—through a phone case!

Prone to Wander LA is all about creating little reminders to encourage, inspire and remind people of their identity in Christ. Their company specializes in creating accessories that bring God’s word everywhere you go. One of their specialties is phone cases, which I got the chance to review for free! Here are just some of the beautiful phone cases they have that I was given to review:


I was a little nervous at first, thinking they weren’t going to be durable enough for my clumsy-phone-dropping-self, but they definitely are. I’ve dropped my phone on concrete pavement multiple times since having the wooden phone case on and it’s not banged up or bruised at all! I think Prone to Wander LA knows that we’re prone to DROPPING our phones.

Out of all the different types of phone cases they have, I really like the wooden ones.

I love what this company stands for, the products they sell, and the truths they proclaim as they do it! If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, you can find more merchandise over at AND! You can also enter into a giveaway to get a phone case for free!

Enter the giveaway by clicking HERE!



**Although I was given this book for free by Front Gate Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own**


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