5 Books About Freedom in Christ that You’ll Love


When you’ve experienced breakthrough from bondage in any area of your life, you know that there is nothing that compares to the sweetness of freedom. God has placed this space in our hearts to run wild and free in the grace He’s given us. Yet, we can be so quick to entangle ourselves in the same bondage with a different pair of shackles.  We get ourselves stuck in addiction, comparison, fear and people pleasing and we are no longer able to run the way we were created to.

Over the years, a couple books have landed on my desk and their messages have deeply moved and inspired me to seek freedom in every area of life. Some of them even revealed issues in my heart I didn’t even know I needed freedom from. There’s something so special about reading other’s stories of freedom and seeing how God can use lessons in their lives to change ours. I would love nothing more than to share those with you today, and hope that you are inspired to seek freedom at all costs. Here we go!

#1. You are Free- Rebekah Lyons

Image result for you are free rebekah lyonsSometimes freedom can feel like a far off dream that may or may not ever come true. But what kind of difference would it make in your life if somebody told you that you already were free?
In her book, Rebekah talks about 15 ways that Christ has already set you free and how you can begin walking in that freedom. One of the things I love most about this book is that each chapter contains 2 or 3 prompts for you to reflect on, ask and seek the Lord to help set you free. Answering these questions honestly really made all the difference for me. So if you read this, make sure to be intentional with the questions!

Favorite Quote: “We are to live as people who are free because Christ has already set us free and gave us the Spirit to keep us free.”


#2. Nothing to Prove – Jennie Allen

If you’ve found yourself constantly dealing with the feeling of not being good enough, this book is for you. Some people combat this feeling of “not enoughness” by telling themselves over and over, “No! You are enough!” Jennie provides another perspective–one that brings us to a place of admitting we aren’t enough and that we can find our “enough” in Christ. In her book, Jennie brings parables in John to life, highlighting the heart of Jesus to richly satisfy those who hunger and thirst. She challenges us to view the ways we try to satisfy ourselves using our “own wells” instead of going to the Living Water for ultimate satisfaction. This book also has challenges to dive deeper into Bible study and to practice living “Nothing to Prove” out.

Favorite Quote: “Nothing is more dangerous, more compelling, more freeing, more radical, more real, more satisfying, more powerful than a person holding a smidgen of faith. A sincere faith in Jesus and all He wants to do around us wakes us up, rattles our lives, shifts every perspective, issues hope in pain, and ignites purpose.”


#3. Wild and Free- Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan

For the woman who feels like she is both too much and never enough– this book is also for you. Wild and Free is an anthem for women to break free from both of those insecurities and to discover their God given purpose. Jess and Hayley highlight common areas that we allow culture and the opinions of others to hush the voice that He’s given us to help others be set free. If you’re ready to lose the shackles, pick up your calling, and take Christ into the world in a bold way, crack open the pages of Wild and Free!

Favorite Quote: “I believe this wild and free faith is growing in us. It isn’t wild in rebellion; it is wild in obedience. And it isn’t free to do whatever we want; it is free to do whatever He calls us to do. This kind of faith is powerful, and it is beautiful.”



#4. Grace for the Good Girl–Emily Freeman

This book will forever remain one of my favorites. As a recovering “good girl”, this book brought to light that we can not only be enslaved to “bad” things, but we can also become entangled in seemingly “good” things. By trying to hold things together, be responsible, please everyone, and strive for perfection, we can actually become enslaved to our impossible expectations for ourselves. Emily shares stories from her own life and from the pages of Scripture that beckon us to lay down the try-hard life, and pick up the light and easy yoke that Jesus gives. Be prepared to take off the mask you’ve well acquainted yourself with for years and step into a whole new world of freedom.

Favorite Quote: “There is a becoming that happens when we walk with Jesus, but it isn’t under a system of achieving. Rather, it is in the art of receiving. In order to receive, we have to first let go, to honestly release our right to hold on to those things we trust in for our life and those counterfeit sources of truth and security.”


#5. Free of Me– Sharon Hodde Miller

Of all of the things I thought I needed freedom from, I never thought I needed freedom from myself. In Free of Me, Sharon talks about how life is actually better when it isn’t about us. In a self-saturated culture, sometimes we can’t help but take that self-centeredness into our relationships, callings, self-image and even in our faith. In each chapter, Sharon helps us identify self-focused habits and how we can shift our focus to Christ and instead, make it about Him. This book not only identifies self-focused habits, but also gives you practical steps of how to step out of that inward perspective. I’m telling you–this book is a MUST READ!!

Favorite Quote: “You can be a failure. You can be “not enough”. And then you can stop trying to make yourself big enough and capable enough to carry the weight of the world, because God never designed you to do it.”


There you have it–five books that speak to all kinds of different areas in which we can be free and run wildly in God’s calling. I love all of the women who were brave enough to bare their freedom stories so that us readers on the other end could be inspired to seek after the freedom we didn’t even know we needed.

What’s your favorite book about freedom? Tell us! And if you’ve read one of these books, which one is your favorite?



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