A Prayer for those Hard Seasons of Life



A Prayer for those hard seasons…

I will trust You in the desert,

I will trust You in the wait,

I’ll trust the One, outside of time

Oh God—you’re never late.


I will trust you in confusion,

When my plans fall through the cracks,

I’ll call to mind—you’re for my good,

There’s no good thing I lack.


I’ll trust you when I feel forgotten,

When the world keeps going by,

I’ll remember, dear Lord, there’s nothing I can do,

To ever escape Your eye.


I’ll trust you in uncertainty,

When my future remains unsure,

I know you see from beginning to end,

Your Hand holds me secure.


And I’ll trust You when you break my will,

When daily prayers remain unfulfilled,

When I long for action, and you say, “Be still.”

I’ll trust the foundation You’re trying to build.


For I know the blessing’s not in success,

When the things I long for come true,

The blessing is the p r o c e s s

And the greatest reward is you.



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