A Letter to My Little Brother


Dear Little Brother,

I just got off the phone with you tonight and my heart is full.
I know you’re stressed about your life and enjoying it all at the same time. I just love watching you grow. I love watching you figure things out, make mistakes, find your way back, and watch as God keeps getting ahold of you and messing you up in all the right ways.

I love watching you discover who you are, what you’re called to, and chasing after adventure with all that you are. I just love you so much. It hurts me how much I love you.

As I’m pondering all of these sweet things in my heart, I started to think back… and I can honestly say I haven’t always felt this way about you. (Ouch…)

But for real– remember those days when we were constantly at each other’s throats?

Throwing things at each other, ripping each other up with our words, slamming doors, screaming for parental intervention? Like the times I left my stuff all over the bathroom sink and you threw it all in the hallway? Fighting over who showered first? Or me throwing you under the bus for things you didn’t do? Or using my oldest advantage card, embarrassing you in front of my friends (and yours) and so many other horrid, sibling rivalry-like things. Sorry for being a punk– I didn’t know what a treasure you were then. But I do now.

It’s amazing how drastically things have changed.

I used to yell at you to get out of my room when my friends were over– and now I want to tell the whole world about how awesome you are. And sometimes I cry while I do that.

I used to think you were my uncool little brother, and now you’re one of my closest companions, and I think you’re the coolest thing ever.

Hanging out with my little brother wasn’t my idea of fun, and now I soak up every minute I get to spend with you or talk to you.

It’s amazing what happens over time. Our relationship has slowly grown into what it was meant to be– brotherhood, sisterhood. A bond that is not easily broken, and love that exceeds friendship.

I’m so thankful for you, who you are, and what we’ve become.

I can’t imagine life without you.

My life has been greatly enriched through all the roads we’ve walked together. You really have seen every stage of my life and I’ve certainly seen all of yours. We’ve seen each other through the awkward/stupid phases, struggle phases, broken phases and the glorious ones. There’s something so awesome about knowing one another like that. It’s so special.

All of this to say, I never thought that our relationship would look like this when I was younger. But, I’m so glad we have what we do now.

Little brothers are a treasure– and I want you to know how much I adore you.

Your Big Sister



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