The Next Gen and Why They Need Us {{Guest Post}}


Monday nights were the highlight of my week in high school.

Each week, one of my youth pastors and her roommate had my best friend and I over for dinner. They would tell us about their lives, listen to our teenage drama, and continually challenge us in our walks with God. Here we are, seven years later, and they are still some of the most influential women in my life.

I look back at the selflessness (and bravery) it took for two twenty-somethings to delve into the deep, emotional, and temperamental waters of two fifteen-year-old girls. As it turns out, those weekly talks over a kitchen table ended up being more influential than any sermon, Bible study, camp, or small group experience.

Intentional discipleship changed the course of my life as a teenager, and I would venture to say I am not the only one.

What does it look like to intentionally disciple the next generation and why does it matter? I’m over at Hannah Tan’s Place, Tan Squared, writing about the calling we have to pour our lives into the next generation.

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