Breaking Free from Pixel Addiction (A Poem)


Put down the screen, and open up those eyes,
Cause a camera can’t capture the brevity of time.
Pictures tell a story, but experience creates a mem’ry,
Videos are re-watchable, but being present changes me.

We’ve missed so many moments, lost so many chances,
Seeing glimpses of surroundings through occasional upward glances.
Intimacy is vanishing, communication– superficial
We’re all craving relational depth, but caught up in the trivial.

They say we’re “more connected” when real connection’s dying,
Surrounded by a sea of people, but silenced by the typing.
The tops of heads are more often seen than smiles on our faces,
Too engrossed with likes & tweets, than the people in our places.

I desire to be intentional, to see the soul’s right before me,
To spark up actual conversation and hear about their stories.
I want to be present, all eyes all ears, when others are around,
To accept the risk of awkwardness, and just put the phone down.

Help me see that there’s more to life than pixels on a screen,
When people starved for community are standing right before me.
I long for more connection and maybe you do too.
Let’s be free from pixel addiction– we’ve got work to do.


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