When You Crave Adventure


Today’s Five Minute Friday is:

//Comfort cradles me and I’m safe—but inside I’m craving something more.

It’s an innate desire —from the time we’re newborns to the day we take our last breath– this craving of comfort.
We yearn for its soothing lullaby, its promise of safety and the security of what is known. We crave to be within boundaries that are familiar, with people who are like us, and in the middle of circumstances we are well versed in.

But what if true freedom is found outside the confines of comfort?

Part of us longs to have lives that are extraordinary, impactful and daring while the other part longs for routine, monotony, and predictablility.
Adventure calls, but comfort straps us still.
Our hearts dream dreams, but the status quo taints them with doubt and fear.
And perfection, ugh- perfection, pleads with us to play by the rules, color inside the lines and avoid everything that might get messy.
There cannot be freedom where there is fear of failure and of being imperfect.
We can’t soar when we’re strapped to safety.

Where’s the thrill when we’re only doing things we’re certain we’ll be successful or good at?
Can life really be exhilarating when we aren’t willing to take risks?

Oh, to be free from the grip of “what if” and dare to tread unknown waters. Afterall, the real adventures take place in those giant leaps of faith—in the freefall.

Take me there.
Where the adventure’s at.
Where the freefall is hard and fast but the freedom, tangible and abundant.

Comfort cradles me and I’m safe—but I feel called to something more.//

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