Blessing Over Burden


When God calls us to something, often times it can feel really messy as we start to walk it out.

“What’s this supposed to look like?”
“What steps do I take from here?”
“Am I doing this right?”

Whatever it is that God has called us to do, we can rest assured that He doesn’t expect us to walk it out in perfection or even in complete confidence in ourselves. It’s obedience that He’s after.

Nevertheless, my heart still at times remains unconvinced of this truth even though I speak it to myself over and over again. I continue to try and do things myself, rely on my own power, and as a result, I get really frustrated when things start to fall apart. As a result, calling becomes a burden rather than a blessing.

I believe our lives and our callings begin to shift when we get rid of the idea that we have to do it all ourselves.
**Sigh**, it really isn’t all about me, is it?
Instead, we can invite God into the process of our calling. When we let Him take the reigns, everything changes: our perspective, our joy, and most of all, our stress level.

Today I’ll be writing about inviting God into the process of blogging over at my friend Dana’s Blog: Mom Be Well.

Click HERE to keep reading!

P.S. – While your over there, check out her blog! It is simply fantastic– You will learn so much!


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