Studying: An Act of Love {{Day 17}}



\\In a world full of instant messaging, ‘snap’ chats, emails and pictured words, we only see but a fragment of people’s lives.

We only see a fragment of the person.
In a society whose fuel is busyness, we cross the paths of so many people with a “Hi, how are you – Good and you?” depth to conversation. We have this quickness to us. This need to keep moving.

This quickness even seeps into our relationships and friendships, which can easily become another task on the list instead of a life to invest in and be invested in.

“s    l    o    w          d    o    w    n ”

I whisper to myself.
“Don’t forget to study the people around you.”

Studying something helps you to become familiar with it. You memorize things in order to become constantly aware of them. Studying takes time and effort because it is no easy task to commit to saying no to yourself for just a little bit to become absorbed in something completely beyond you.

I believe studying people is an act of love. Not so we can just memorize what they like and don’t like, but rather so we can know them enough to love them in the ways they need it. To reach out to them in the ways we know they’ll respond. To serve them in the ways that make them feel honored, treasured and special. To study people is to become engrossed in their world for just a little bit to feel what they feel– experience what they’re experiencing.

So study your tribe– the people in your circle.
Lean into their lives, into their inner person, and be that friend that makes them feel known, important, and worthwhile.//

This post is Day 17 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.


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