No Place I Can Go {{Day 12: Sky}}


//There is no place I can go where there is no sky.
It covers every place, every nook and cranny.
Even the most remote places are ever so closely sheltered by that big blue sky.
It covers the beautiful places, adorned with majesty and grandeur.
It covers the ugly places, the dry cracked ground with nothing but dead brush and barren plains. Yet, there is something so comforting to know that no matter where we go, the covering of the sky will always be there—No matter what.

No matter if the weather is absurd, if the earth quakes, or if the oceans fall out of their dwelling.
No matter if the inhabitants of this land try to destroy it, creation revolts against it with harmful antics, it still remains.  It’s still there. Steady and sure with the rising and setting of the sun.

I am reminded that the steadiness of the sky is but a reflection of the steadiness of its Creator. Our ever-present sky is a beautiful picture of our ever-present God.
There is no place we can go to escape His presence.
Even if we go to the highest mountain, He’s there.
The lowest valley—Still there.

In the seasons abundant and plenty, He continues to be with us and cover us.
And even in the ugliest times of life where we feel absolutely alone and empty—He’s still there, covering, comforting and aiding our broken hearts through that barren wilderness.

No man can destroy Him. No thing can take away His presence.
Not even our worst decisions.
For God is steady, constant and sovereign.

Present like the sky, there is no place we can go that He won’t find us there.//

This post is Day 12 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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