When You Feel A Little Lost In Your Season


To the One Who Feels a Little Lost in this Season of Life…

//I didn’t forget you,
my wandering heir.
The waiting is good,
though it doesn’t seem fair.

These unknown roads
have you scratching your head,
wondering if you’ve missed it,
certain you’ve been misled.

I know the discouragement
that stretches ‘cross your face,
when it seems others are departing
and you feel stuck in this place.

But I know what I’m doing
I’m steady and sure.
This is the right road, Child.
It’s not a detour.

I’ll grow you, I’ll teach you,
I’ll train your eyes to see,
dependency isn’t weakness.
It keeps you close to me.

I’m before you and behind you
all around on every side,
No season that you go through
is ever out of my sight.

Though this valley may seem low,
and those desert trails exhausting,
there is purpose the waiting,
yes, there’s glory in the wandering.

So travel on, my nomad child,
know that this journey’s worth it.
Walking with me, hand in hand,
is better than life being perfect.//

This post is Day 10 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge




  1. Linda Guteres

    These heartfelt words are beautiful…I picture our Father and Lord whispering them into our ears. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

    11 . Oct . 2016
    • Kaitlin Garrison

      Thank you for our comment, Linda! We are blessed to have such an amazing Father!

      11 . Oct . 2016
  2. Beverly

    Wow! What profound thoughts Kaitlin! I know your folks are so proud of the woman you are becoming! I am sharing this with Brittany. At 25+ yrs old is following the Lord and watching most all friends getting married and starting families while He brings her close in relationships only for them to feel insecure or unworthy of her and the call He placed on her for ministry to children. So she waits. Prays. And try’s to understand the desires of her heart for both a companion to share this journey with. Even her brother Brandon got married in Aug! But she is strong and loves Jesus and will wait and trust and follow Him. Thanks for sharing this and I wish we could meet sometime again after all these years.

    11 . Oct . 2016
    • Kaitlin Garrison

      I’m so glad you’re sharing! I know in anything we are waiting for, it seems like the whole world is “getting it” and we aren’t. She is such an amazing woman and I know God has such great plans for her! I wish we could all meet up again! That would be incredible!!!!!

      11 . Oct . 2016
  3. Dwana Woods

    Very nicely put, I would like to be kept in the loop of poems or beliefs!

    02 . Nov . 2017
  4. Meg Weyerbacher

    Beautifully written.

    02 . Nov . 2017
    • Kaitlin

      Thank you Meg! ❤️

      02 . Nov . 2017

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