Post-It {{Day 9}}



//Post it notes align my desk, my nightstand, my refrigerator—my brain.
These things are the best. These things are my life.
These multi-colored, sticky pieces of paper are adorned by phrases like:

“Don’t Forget ___”
“Do This….”
“Add ____ to Grocery List”
“Say Sorry”
“Pray for…”
“Write a note to…”
“Call ______”
“Clean the ____”
“Remember to BE SANE!!!!”

I don’t know about you, but I cannot focus when there are things to be done and tasks to be completed. The whole point of focusing is to forget about everything else for just a little while.
But I can’t do that.
Therefore, I was so excited when I learned about this fabulous little trick called a “Brain Dump” which comes in handy when you have a thousand things on your mind and a task that requires all of your creative juices. Here’s how you do it.

On a piece of paper, jot down every possible thing floating around in your head. Deadlines, chores, tasks, meetings—whatever it is, write it ALL down. The whole point of this exercise is to “dump” every thing in your brain that is taking up space. After you write it down, write down when you need it done by.Then, prioritize which tasks need to be done first and when. After you have all of the “madness” in your head written out on paper, it is easier to visualize when you can complete them.

Since I’ve learned about this exercise, I’ve been doing it every time I sit down to write, do my quiet time, rest, or focus on a project I need to get done. Visually seeing what I need to do makes me feel at ease and able to focus on the task write in front of me. Don’t let the post it notes of “to do’s” dictate your ability to focus, try the brain dump!  \\



This post is Day 9 of Five Minute Free Writes for the Write 31 Days Challenge.
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