Muddle {{Day 8}}



//Muddle up your world a bit,
Don’t color in the lines.
Forget to dot your eyes this time,
And come on – slouch that spine.

Perfection is a fantasy,
Yet we’re always try’na reach it.
Man-made rules and “do’s and don’t’s”
Whoever said we need it?

Being proper isn’t bad,
But is it who we are?
Manners, smiles, and fake facades,
But we’ve all got broken hearts.

Tear down the walls; rip off that mask
This was never meant to be.
Because the superficial “I’m good, and you?”
Will never build community.

“Just be you”—freedom rings
Permission has been given
Lay it all down, take a deep breath,
You’re free to stop pretending.//
This post is Day 8 of Five Minute Free Writes of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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