Day 4 {{Brew}}


//Six friends, the clock pressing on towards 1 a.m., the air filled with yawns and laughter. In the midst of all this, a pot of brewing coffee sits in the middle of the table– Hope to keep the community alive. Many nights were spent surrounding this brewing pot of coffee, for it was what brought us and kept us all together (awake, that is). Because when you find a group of people that you love to be with and gather around, you just want to linger around them for as long as you can.

Community is so important, because we were never meant to walk this walk alone. God created us to be in community because He knew that when two or more gathered, there would be more accomplished, new things discovered, and more aspects of Himself seen and embraced. What a gift it is that we are able to see different facets of God in other faces that He made; their lives also divinely designed and purposed just like ours.

This coming together, embracing each other’s faults and strengths, provides a sense of security, known-ness, and belonging that can come from nothing else in this world. People can be the source of our sourness, yes. But they can also be the reason for our greatest joys in life.

So let the friendships brew, conversations deepen, and our hearts steep and soak in the bliss that comes from belonging—Belonging to God and belonging to each other. \\


This post is day 4 of Five Minute Free Writes for Write 31 Days.



  1. Annette Tinholt Vellenga

    I like how you put together this post, brew… a community put together. Indeed.

    Visiting from Write 31 days, I’m number 22

    10 . Oct . 2016

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