Day 1 {{Walk}}


It’s OCTOBER!!!!

This very well might be my favorite month, ever.
Leaves changing, cold weather, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING, scarves, boots, crisp mornings and cozy blankets, and did I already mention pumpkin spice?
There is just so much to love about this month.

But another thing I love about October is this little thing called #Write31Days. Its a challenge specific to the month of October in which hundreds of writers and bloggers aim to write every single day for all 31 days of October. It’s great!

For this month, I will be doing the Five Minute Free Write prompts everyday (because my life is cray). If you would like to join, click on one of the links above.
You won’t regret it!
It’s going to be so. much. stinkin. fun.

Here we go, October 1st. Today’s word is: walk. 


I have a serious medical condition.
It’s called scatterbrainitis.
In other words, I have a case of an incredibly crowded, distracted, contemplative, forgetful brain.
I overthink and under think. Overcomplicated and overanalyze. There’s so much going on upstairs that I can rarely describe what is even going on.
The cure?
For some reason, walking helps me to air those thoughts out as I breathe new air in.
When I’m able to see the world for what it is, in all of it’s natural beauty and rawness, I can see things clearly in my own life.

One evening a few years back, I was suffocating in my own brain and needed to get out.
I grabbed my headphones and darted out the door with my new Bethel album on repeat.
As I began walking, this beautiful song called Wonder came on by Amanda Cook.

……M a y    w e   n e v e r    l o s e    o u r    w o n d er…….

It was dark outside and the street lights illuminated my every step.
I start thinking about my life, decisions that had to be made, loneliness I felt from being away from home, and feelings I was having towards God.

I was frustrated. My heart was hurting, I ached for normalcy and comfort, I wanted parts of my old life back and in that moment I just wanted to experience God and have Him speak to me.

….. y o u    a r e    b e a u t i f u l    i n    a l l    y o u r    w a y s….

And then I started to think back.
I thought about all the times He had been faithful before. How He walked with me through some of the ugliest times and pulled me out of holes I thought I could never get out of.
I remembered how He walked with me through seasons of confusion, made clear the paths that I was to take, and lead me into this place where I could see that this was in fact what He had for me all along. And it was beautiful. It was right.

As I remembered, I started smiling.
My scattered brain cleared, my anger melted away and I could finally enter into worship to the God who has been faithful to me for a really long time.

As I turned the corner, I lifted up my eyes and right in front of me was a full, glowing, glorious, iridescent moon which felt as if it was just inches away from my face.


… y o u   f a s c i n a t e   m e    w i t h   y o u r   l o v e…

I was smiling and dancing on the street ways, so overjoyed that God would take me through this little adventure where I could honestly wrestle with my hurt, remember His movement in my life, and in the end be richly blessed and swept away by his love.

Walking is the best.

Walking with Him is the best.

——> End.







  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I was never much of a walker – I ran 7-10 miles a day, every day of the year, for most of my life. Terminal illness has made that impossible now.

    But running with God was cool.

    01 . Oct . 2016
  2. mrafromenthal

    Yayy I’m doing this also! Just posted mine a few hours ago. Love this post
    Keep it up girl

    *Walking with God is the best decision we took. He is a life changer

    02 . Oct . 2016

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