Five Minute Friday


Five Minute Friday

Today is my first time doing Five Minute Friday over at Kate Motaung’s blog!
Every Friday, you free write for 5 minutes- whatever escapes from your fingers, you slap it down and blast it for the whole world to see.

It feels so good.

This weeks prompt was listen.


To listen is to discipline.
To listen is to discipline the mind to cease, the thoughts to hush and the heart to be still and open wide and receive.


I find this word to be such a HARD task to do, whether it’s sitting down to actually listen to someone and retain and understand everything that they’re saying to me or even pausing to listen to God. It’s hard for me to listen to God.

Listening is a discipline.

We have to train our minds to put our own thoughts, opinions and ongoing conversations in our heads to sleep for just a little while to focus on someone else and truly receive what they are saying. Listening to God requires us to be okay with being still, with being quiet and WAITING.
Why is it so hard??
In a culture that is constantly moving, flashing new things for us to fix our eyes on and satiating our ever antsy attention spans, to listen is to stop in the midst of all of the commotion.

Listening is counter cultural.

We don’t know what it truly means to PAUSE and STOP ourselves for the sake of someone else. At least I don’t anyways. We all have agendas, opinions, nuggets of wisdom that we are so desperate to share. A platform is of utmost importance in our conversations at times—I want one all the time.

But this call today to listen encourages me to seek to learn how to pause. To step down from self and leap into the life of somebody else by hearing, really hearing. This is a call to pause my thinking, my wondering, my rambling, and pay attention. Listen to God; listen to my husband, my friends and family, even strangers! I think that if I did this, I would really see people. Really hear their stories and be changed by them.



If you would like to join the #fmf party, hop on over here and get to writin’!

Happy Friday!





  1. Valerie

    This is so true! “Listening is counter cultural.” Sometimes, I think we’ve conditioned ourselves NOT to listen lest we get overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing! (Visiting neighbor from Five Minute Friday!)

    16 . Sep . 2016
  2. Denise Lilly

    Great thoughts! Listening is so hard!

    16 . Sep . 2016

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