Scripture Typer: Making It Stick


I know I posted this long ole blog the other week about tons of reasons why we shouldn’t be on our phones, but!

Here is one REALLY good reason why you should be.

The Scripture Writer App.

This app is the best thing ever.

I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest stinkin’ time memorizing scripture.

I don’t know why either- If you think about it, it really isn’t that hard.

Think about it, we can hear a song a few times and sing along to the whole thing the same week.

We can watch a movie once or twice and spout off quotes like clock work.

There are a thousand different buttons on Facebook and somehow we can manage to still remember which ones do which and how to navigate it effortlessly.

So why is memorizing a line so hard?I envy those people who can just spout out about anything from the Bible and I am just here like,

“Heyy– I know John 3:16. And a ton of  ‘Jesus’ quotes from Pinterest!” (That aren’t even really that biblical… You know, like, “God won’t give you more than you can handle <3 <3 “, “God Works in Mysterious Ways <3 <3)

How are we supposed to navigate a world with a thousand counterfeits if we don’t have the real thing memorized?

How are we supposed to fight a spiritual fight if we aren’t ingesting His Words and our Swords are at home collecting dust on a shelf?

I was thinking last week: “What if for some CRAZY reason, all of my Bibles were taken from me, erased from the Internet, and all of the sudden became almost impossible to access?”

Well, at least I have an arsenal of Pinterest Jesus quotes…. right?

Sure- If you’re planning on going into a gruesome battle with a Nerf gun!

That question inspired me to at least try and memorize some scripture.

With the help of my beloved IPhone I found an amazing app to help me do that.

**Thank you iPhone for finding me a great app to help my poor soul**

It’s called, Scripture Typer: A Bible Memory System.

Scripture Typer lets you select your own verses to memorize or you can choose to memorize verses from a specific category of scripture like The Romans Road, Salvation Verses, Verses on Temptation, exc. Then you go through three steps with each verse: Type It, Memorize It, and Master It. You do these three steps once a day (or multiple times, if you want more points 😉 and it takes like 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES.  Then, each day it shoots you a notification on your phone to review your verses and do this process again. Once you have mastered a verse for a few days, it reminds you every 3, 4 ,5 days. Meanwhile, you just keep adding verses to practice. Over the course of a month you will have dozens memorized. You can do as many of these verses at a time as you want to . I’ve tried it for the past three weeks and I. AM. AMAZED.

Especially since my memory can be so sketchy, and this stuff is actually sticking.

So whether your waiting in line, sittin’ on the toilet, taking a break from work, waiting at a stop sign (This was a trick one, don’t text and drive, fool!) or before you go to bed– Take TWO minutes and review your verses. It’s crazy how repetition really makes things stick.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Who doesn’t like free things!

And if you just can’t help yourself, you can upgrade and get cooler additions to make it more fun.

If you want to know more about it, there’s a link in the sidebar!

Go download it — Now! 🙂


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