Dear Generations of Women Before Us


We need you.

I need you.

I know that we can be annoying with our face in our phones 3/4 of the time.

I know that you probably chuckle and grin inside when we talk about the struggles of growing up-

(“They haven’t seen nothin’ yet!”)

And sometimes we struggle to make a good conversation with you–

But we need you.

It may not seem like it, but we are dying to just glean wisdom from you.

You have an arsenal full of knowledge, of wisdom, of experience,

and that does not disqualify you or make you less relevant. It makes you all the more valuable and needed in a time when the connection gap between generations is so..

W  I  D  E.

We need your investment in our lives.

We need your advice to protect us from those falls that hurt so bad.

We need your voice of encouragement saying, “You can do this. I’m for you.”


Because you are 12 steps ahead. 30 steps ahead. Maybe even just 2.

It doesn’t matter.

You’ve been there.

You’ve done that.

You know what works and doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter if your 90, 75, 48, 30, 22 or even 15 –

INVEST in the generations behind you.

To be frank: Our generation is surrounded by the influences of media, the high and mighty, and there are lies and promises thrown at us from 1,000 different directions. There are so many avenues that can take us the wrong way. We get lost in the mix and lost on the wrong trails.

From a Biblical stand point, investing in the next generation  is a command and an avenue in furthering God’s word: Older women, train up the younger women (Titus 2:4-5).

Of course, parents play a HUGE, if not the main role in training up their children, young and old.

Yet, even though I’m not a parent, I would be willing to bet that parents want other good and wise people to help guide their children, right?

Just like the old phrase says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Heck, it takes a village to raise an adult, I think.

We know that you have families. You have jobs. You have school. You have children to invest in, too.

But just consider our generation and those behind us.

Find a way, big or small, to pour your life, your wisdom, your presence and experience into the next generation.

Even just a date to coffee every once and awhile. A walk once a week. Time spent on the porch. Be creative!

W h a t e v e r.

We just want to be with you!

What an amazing thing it would be to see each generation of women pouring into the next.

Imagine the hurt that could be avoided; the improvement in decision making; the growth that would take place just by gleaning from lessons you’ve already learned and can teach us.

Don’t wait for us to come to you inquiring advice- Just INVADE our lives.

We give you permission to ask hard questions.

We give you permission to prod, and dig, and point areas in us that will cause a downfall down the road.

We give you permission to say, “Hey, that’s a really stupid idea. Here’s a better way!”

I encourage you- actually I beg you- find a younger gal pal and invest in her.

Get real. Get honest. Let us know we aren’t CRAZY for going through what we are.

You’ve been there- You know.

Mentorship/ Discipleship/Investment in the next generation is SO essential for growth.

And it WILL change the world.

It WILL change generations, after generations, after generations.

Your story is so relevant, so on purpose– and it can change the stories of other women.

It can change ours. And theirs.

And years down the road, when the lady you’ve invested in starts investing in another–the legacy of your story is interweaved throughout her life, though you may never meet.

We love you, look up to you, and want your friendship and mentorship more than you know.


The Younger Gen of Women.


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