With Me


God, you know the end from the beginning.  You see it all. Even

On days I feel like my sight has been taken away by the

Daunting fear of the unknown.


In everything I’ve ever done, you’ve been with me–

Side by side, hand in hand, you haven’t left me once.


Whenever I walk through times of darkness, where the next step

Is one I can’t see or feel, you always lead me by

The hand, speak to me in whispers, and

Hold me in the times when I become discouraged by my lack of faith.


Mold my heart into one that fully trusts you– Leans on you, depends on you, and is

Eager to follow you, even if that is to dangerous places. Places that call for


Adventure’s in trust, trials in faith, crazy love, a

Nose to the ground in surrender, hands that

Dare to empty themselves of dreams, comfort, and self will.


Form in me a heart that seeks your pleasure

Over man’s opinion.

Remind me that this journey is all about knowing you

More. In the ups and down and through every back road, help me to

Embrace the adventure and cling to the peace you’ve already granted to me.


God, You are with me.


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